The Lord Is My Sanctuary

The Lord is my sanctuary

Every good and perfect gift

He has provided for me from

His Heavenly storehouse.

He causes me to kneel down before him

In reverence, head bowed, in need of

The cleansing and forgiveness

I receive in his presence.

He leads me to offer up praises and

Thanksgiving from the heart

For his names sake:

Abundant in Mercy, Goodness and Truth

He is Abba Father, Divine Lord,

The Creator of Creation

An Ever-loving, Kind, Merciful

And Mighty God.

He revives my thirsty soul

With everlasting waters

He feeds me with the bread of life;

From his very own table.

He has given me the Comforter

Who intercedes on my behalf:

To soothe the anguish of

My troubled soul in times of need.

Even though I walk a road

That is narrow and fraught

With danger, trials and suffering

He is always with me.

For He has given me the Peace

That cannot be described

Which comforts my heart;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

He will never leave me

Nor will he let me go,

He has promised to be with me

Always - even to the End of My Life.

He has placed his own

Coat of Righteousness

About my shoulders to protect me

From the harshness of the world.

He arms me with strength

Enough to scale a wall.

Providing powerful weapons

To gain victory over self and sin.

He places the helmet of Salvation

On my head, where he refines my

My thoughts and aligns them

To His pure and perfect will.

He fitted a breastplate of Righteousness

To cover the heart he has renewed

He engraves upon it all my prayers

To answer at His appointed time.

He secures the belt of Truth

Tightly about my waist

A reminder that he has set me free

To live under His Grace.

He has fitted the shield

Of Faith upon my arm

To defend against the fiery attacks from

All the messengers of harm.

I carry his word always with me

A treasury of precious Promises

Proclaiming Hope, Deliverance and Peace

Whenever Faith is likely to be tested.

He has fitted my feet with shoes

Enabling me to patiently run

The race has entered me in to share

The good news of His Love.

You see, I cannot live without him,

Nor him without me:

He is my all in all, my sun and shield.

A mighty fortress, a shelter from the storm,

And a tower of strength at all times.

He is faithful, who is promised.

For he is the Alpha and Omega:

The beginning of my Joy

And the end of my Sorrows.

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