The Liver Is A Powerhouse

Some Natural Tips To Help Look After Your Liver And Feel Revitalised

The liver is the powerhouse and storehouse of your body, which detoxifies harmful waste, filters blood and carries out over 200 functions. It acts as a filter to deactivate and eliminate toxins, distribute nutrients, process fat, remove waste and secretes bile.

Congestion of the liver may slow down its function, causing it to underperform. This may also cause problems for people trying to lose weight.

When the liver is clean, it is easier for it to regulate chemical levels and remove waste. Moreover, it also helps to restore energy and minimize the threat of cirrhosis, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), liver cancer and gallstones. When the liver is taxed (overworked, tired and not functioning well) it may have difficulty processing food effectively.

Things to Avoid

  • Alcohol - is a major cause of NAFLD as well as other liver diseases

  • Added sugar- high blood sugar increases fat build-up in the liver

  • Fried foods as they are high in fat and calories

  • Added salt - this increases the risk of NAFLD

  • White flour, rice, pasta are highly processed, increase blood sugar taxing the liver

  • Red meat - is high in saturated fats

Natural Remedies to Detoxify the Liver

Burdock tea

Dandelion tea


Beetroot can be grated

Lemon tea


Liver Boosting Smoothie:

Blend together 1 beetroot, 1 carrot, 1 apple and ½ lemon and consume.

Where possible source organic fruit and vegetables

  • Beetroots and carrots are high in flavonoids and beta carotene. They reduce oxidative stress, stimulate and improve liver function and contain antioxidants.

  • Green leafy vegetables are high in chlorophyll which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants which have therapeutic properties that detoxify the blood and stimulate the immune system.

  • Coconut, avocado, olives are also important foods in improving the function of the liver. They are packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids that can help cleanse the liver.

  • Apple is high in pectin (pectin is a soluble, dietary fibre which cleanses and releases toxin from the gastrointestinal tract). Pectin has the potential to lower serum cholesterol, improves insulin resistance, and relieves diarrhoea. Pectin also detoxes, regulates and protects the gastrointestinal tract. It is also an immune system stimulant and anti-ulcer agent.

Remember: your health is your wealth and your liver is your body's treasure chest!

Maintain liver friendly habits by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, protect yourself from harmful medicines and environments.

Dee Townsend

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