Health Is Wealth

There are a number of health principles, if applied and understood correctly, would enable many of us to function at a higher level and have more energy than what we are functioning at right now.

Here are a few tips to help improve your health and help reduce health complications:

  • cleansing

  • fasting

  • detoxing

  • drinking water

  • rest

  • sleep

  • diet and

  • exercise are key

To support a healthier YOU! the organs below require a cleanse. Some of our organs may not be performing at their optimum due to: accumulated mucus, toxins, parasites and putrefying waste in the body. Some of the main organs affected are:





Immune system

Blood circulation

Another cause for concern is poor circulation within the blood stream, arteries and veins. If you already have a healthy diet, continue as you are doing or you may want to improve it.

You may have a healthy diet, but not exercising or exercising enough, resting or relaxing enough or getting sufficient sleep or it could be something else. Try and slowly implement the change(s) that are required.

If you are not following a healthy diet, exercising, sleeping enough or relaxing, it is never too late to start something that is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Start slowly or talk with family members or friends to get some healthy tips.

The Father wants you and I to be at our optimum for Him. Our body is the temple of the Lord. We can do so much more when we are healthy, consuming a balanced diet and following a well balanced healthy lifestyle.

Fasting is also a great way that will benefit your body. There are various ways to fast: abstain from food fast, fruit fast, water fast or fasting from a certain food(s). Some people also choose to do an intermittent fast. What is beneficial for you when it comes to fasting, may not be suitable for someone else for various reasons.

Exercising is an individual thing. Some people exercise two, three, four, five days per week or more. Continue doing whatever you find comfortable, enjoy and know is beneficial for you, without causing harm. However, there are situations where people can be exercising too much or not enough. Try to find what works for you and if need be make the necessary changes that may be required.

Resting and sleeping, will vary from person to person. Some people can survive on six hours per night . Someone else will say, I need more and sleep seven or eight hours per night. Resting and relaxing: some people may find listening to music, watching a documentary, reading, playing an instrument, talking to friends, playing board games, doing a crossword and drawing amongst other things, relaxing.

Dee Townsend

To be continued...

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