Poem: Today I held your hand

Today I held your hand,

And instantly my mind flashed back

To the first time I saw

Your tiny clenched fists.

The hands that gripped my finger

Later by trial and error reached out

To touch a toy mobile

As if reaching for the moon.

Those hands eventually learned how

To pay my face, or grasp my hair, not letting go

And clapped to made up songs

Sung to made up tunes.

Eventually, you could hold a spoon

And guide it to your mouth.

The same hand would wave "ta-ta"

As I pretended to go.

Outstretched you reached for me

To guide hesitant steps

Towards armfuls of waiting hugs and kisses

Your cherished deserving prize

Little fingers follow words and pictures

From endless repeated stories

Later, you are the one reading to me

This time, it is your hand that turns the pages.

Such busy hands; always finding something to do,

Yesterday, they held Lego bricks; a puzzle piece or two.

Today, it's paper, pencils, pens,

Paint and glitter glue.

As I walk along, I remember

What holding your hand means to me

While we walk and talk

My happiness and sadness, agree to co-exist.

I am happy, because you still need me to hold your hand and sad as I wonder

How much longer we can have of

Warm, safe, hand-holding bliss.

Today, I held your hand,

Tomorrow, you may be holding mine

One more time;

As I say my last goodbye.

By Karen Plumb

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